Sherlock Spoils Everything

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Only Leigh speculates on what it would be like to watch TV with the world's greatest detective. Sherlock Holmes spots, observes, and analyzes every clue instantly to deduce what will happen. (Contains spoilers for Breaking Bad Season 4, Mad Men Season 6, and Gossip Girl)

This little skit illustrates the difference between classic and modern TV. For half my life, no one paid that much attention to continuity when filming television dramas or comedies (amirite, Roy Hinkley?). They cranked out 39 new episodes a year, which they figured would only be shown once (or maybe a second time in the summer).

Today, hit series only have a dozen or so episodes a year, and everyone watches them over and over, so the writers and producers put in "easter eggs," foreshadowing clues, and thematic motifs. And every little detail has to make sense. If you are observant enough, you can extract a second level of enjoyment from these clues, especially when you discuss them with other fans on the internet. But only if you don't have a Sherlock over to put them all together before you do! -Thanks, Leigh!

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"Sherlock Spoils Everything"

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