20 Life Lessons from Adventure Time

Finn understands! He's just a kid, but he already gasps romantic relationships. His analogy, though, is a bit off. Dating is more like stunt riding than a casual bike ride. That's because there's a high probability that you will be seriously hurt and carry around scars that you will feel every day for the rest of your life. You will be at least partially emotionally necrotized and those wounds will affect every other attempt you make to connect with someone on an intimate level.

And all of that from a cartoon! Adventure Time is a surprisingly deep story. Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans has gleaned 20 valuable life lessons from it. Many of them deal with love and I will try to deal with them once I have eaten this gallon of ice cream.

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My kids got me started watching Adventure Time. Now it's our weekly show that we all watch together.

If you're not watching it, please give it a try, although at this point the mythology is getting deep. The basic story is that 1,000 years before there was an apocalyptic event. Two people survive from that time: Marceline, the vampire queen (the little girl sewing the eye on her doll in the link), and the Ice King, whose real name is Simon. Simon rescued Marceline, who was the child of a demon (who has also survived the apocalypse, but he only shows up now and then), and discovered a magic crown in their wanderings. Simon used this crown to prevent the complete destruction of the world, and it warped him into the Ice King, who is really more sad and messed up than evil.

After this apocalypse, certain objects gained sentience. One of these objects became Princess Bubblegum, who is quite intelligent and developed the Candy Kingdom of creatures through science. Finn, who is about 13, is the only known human (his origins are still not clear), although a human woman appears later in the show for a couple of episodes, but then goes on her way. Jake the dog is Finn's adoptive brother.

Finn loves to go adventuring with Jake, and is a bit of a hero. There are many kingdoms with many princesses, and all types of interesting characters.
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