50 Kick Ass Funny T-Shirts Every Geek Should Have

Tis but a Scratch by Naolito

Who says that geeks don't have great fashion sense? They'd look totally cool with these funny and geeky T-shirts from the NeatoShop.

This Christmas, don't just get your favorite geek (or yourself) just any ol' shirt. Get 'em these 50 Kick Ass T-shirts Every Geek Should Have!

Asgardian Absinthe by Winter Artwork Illustration

The Doctor vs. The Universe by Nertee Designs

Jack the Ripper by Dooomcat

ASCII Time Machine by Wirdou

Abbey Road in Colors by Bomdesignz

Bow Ties Are Cool by Chay Hawes

EJ The Titan Killer by Alecxps

YOLO You Obviously Love Owls by Amanda Flagg

Motivate by Alan Bao

Root for the Fleet by The Epic Effect

Legend of Wizard by Azafran

Nerd's Guide to Unicorn Meat by Manikx

Daryl Mixon by Donnie

Snorlax by Dann Matthews

Heisbenderg by Azafran

Snow and Ghost Amongst Crows by swissette

Cloned to Kill by Daniel Sotomayor

Saintsy Nick by Donovan Santiago

Shock by kgullholmen

WTF by In Stank We Trust

Kaiju by ddjvigo

Han-Am by Don Calamari

Italics by Fredo & Pidjin

Winchester Ghost Shells by Frau Holle

Indiana Mouse by Naolito

Be Smarter Eat Brains - Zombie Version by DarkChoocoolat

The Fire by JCMaziu

Boomstick by Jeremy Hawkins

Glass Joe's Boxing School by Grady Graphics

10th of Hearts by Winter Artwork Illustrations

Seeing A Who by The Hookshot

GRUs in Black by Chicoloco Designs

A Christmas Toy Story by DGN Graphix

Chemistry vs the World by Baznet

The Wocka Wocka-ing Dead by Kenny Durkin

Iron Flux by Li.Ro.Vi

I Love Bacon by Mike Jacobsen

Hand of the Emperor by Naolito

Game of Bones by Firepower Tees

Mini Magritte by Theduc

I Want You To Stay Classy by Piercek25

Rock Paper Scissors by Samiel

Sons of Arkham - Original Anarchist by Scott Neilson

Freedom by Wirdou

Jack's Scream by Warbucks Design

How Far Can You Throw by pigboom

Time-y Wimey Tee by Tom Trager

Walker's Dead by victorsbeard

The Walking Mini Dead by Donnie

We hope you like that! Check out more Funny T-shirts over at the NeatoShop and support indie artists so buy some, mmkay?

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Yeah, postage costs are just nuts, and how bad it seems does depend a little on what's happening with the Australian dollar.

But seeing as there's 20% off international delivery now you've tempted me enough to order some in an effort to get my Wish List down a little (although postage was still only a little bit less than the cost of the shirts)
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Hah! That would be a deal we couldn't afford - international postage for sending packages from the United States to other countries is incredibly expensive. Strangely, the opposite is not true: I've seen postage from other countries to the United States be actually less than what I can pay to ship something from one side of town to another here.
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