LEGO artist Stormbringer mashed up Pokemon and giant robots to produce Poke'Mecha, a series of large-scale LEGO sculptures!

I've created a new form of Pokemon battle, where giant mechs known as Poke-Mecha, engage in large-scale Pokemon battles, who are controlled by the Pokemon trainers who built them. A highly dangerous, but fun sport.

These three are only the first of what may be a long-term project. Continue reading for the story of each Poke'Mecha, as told by Stormbringer.  



Blastoise was my first Poke-mecha, which is also a solid build that won't fall to bits easily.

Blastoise is controlled by a minifig inside (as are all the Poke'Mecha), which gives you an idea of their size.


Venusaur took the longest time to make for me (a full month), due long time of finding and acquiring the rare color medium azure/maersk blue and struggling to make a sturdy quadruped mech.

A view from the top of Venusaur.


Charizard is my favorite of the three. His complicated head and wings made it a difficult and challenging build to pull off.
I also added some rockets on his back to give him that SWOOSH! feeling (However, I think he would fall apart instantly if I did that...)

Charizard makes a menacing mecha!

There are more photographs of each of the PokeMecha. See them all in their Flickr set. -via Laughing Squid

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