15 Little-Known Facts about Classic Doctor Who

(Images: Random House, BBC)

Davros wore a kilt. Jon Pertwee helped design the Whomobile. Playing the Doctor made William Hartnell's last years especially happy ones. These are some of the 15 facts that Chris Lough of Tor dug up about classic Doctor Who.

My favorite is that Ford Prefect, a character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, was conceived of as the opposite of the Doctor. Douglas Adams, the author of that book and its sequels, explained:

You see, the Doctor is always rushing around and saving people and planets generally doing good works, so to speak. I thought the keynote in the character of Ford Prefect was that, given the choice between getting involved and saving the world from some disaster on one hand, and on the other going to a really good party, he’d go to the party. Every time. So that was the departure point for Ford.

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