Great Pics of The Week: May The Geek Be With You

It's time again for Great Pics of the Week and while last week was all about playing it cool, this week, we're enjoying our geeky side. So come with us on a journey of delightful nerdery.

Apple's Jedi Mind Tricks

Have a problem finding a Droid that meets all your needs? Maybe you're jsut a stormtrooper and you don't know it.

Via Dump A Day

The Last Generation

No matter how cool you think you are, your parents are always there to embarass you.

Via Dump A Day

In A Battle of Born Losers, No One Can Really Win

My guess is the Red Shirts would have a heart attack or contract a fatal disease before anyone actually gets shot.

Via 9Gag

Ohms Are Futile?

Just kidding, I just don't want to spell this one out for you.

Via Humour Spot

Evil Things Are Everywhere

People sometimes ask me why I always stay inside all the time. While many people assume it's because I'm lazy, it's really because I've read enough books to know better than to go outside.

Via Dump A Day

Bottles or Pots, They Must All Be Smashed

Hey, it's still better than sitting around chopping grass with the greatest sword in all of existence. 

Via Dorkly

Gee, I Wonder If That's A Geek's Car

If you're going to get a personalized license plate, you might as well make it a clever one.

Via Snacktastical Things

Everyone Needs to Be Comfortable Sometimes

After a long day of exterminating, there's nothing better than a relaxing night at home with your Snuggie.

Via But First This

It's Tough to Be This Dapper

DeviantArt user lisacub shows us the other favorite hobby of off-duty Daleks, dishing out drugged Darjeeling.

The Problem With Religion

Sure, you may have faith, but you don't really know what's going to happen when you disappear. You might just be about to get smashed by a fat plumber.

Via Dorkly

Gaming Educates Us For the Future

Remember, everything you do in life contributes to some useful skills later on.

Via The Meta Picture

Being A Geek Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Glamor

And what a great role model we have when it comes to maintaining lucious, long locks.

Via Redditor dyls33

Finally, A Test

So how many of these geek icons can you recognize?

Via Doghouse Diaries

Keep on geeking on kids, we'll have more Great Pics of the Week next week.

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