Great Pics of The Week: Let's Just Be Cool Here

This week's Great Pics of the Week is all about playing it cool, or at least thinking you are. Are you too cool for school? Because these great pictures sure are and they can teach you to become cool too.

Keep Calm and Hide the Nip

Remember, when you're stopped by the law, just say you have a prescription.

Image Via Dump A Day

Don't Be A Sore Winner

Just because you're awesome doesn't mean you need to make fun of the losers. 

Image Via Dump A Day

Don't Be Afraid to Get Help

We all know there's nothing cooler than a mustache, but some people jjust can't grow their own. For those people, this sign can help.

Image Via Dump A Day

What's In A Name?

These days, parents are taking names from Game of Thrones and looking to Norse gods like Thor for naming inspiration, but if you really want your boy to be cool, just name him Bruce.

Image Via Dump A Day

Express Yourself

Always be yourself, whether that means acting as a cool kid or being a punk rock icon.

Image Via Dump A Day

Enjoy Your Recreation Time

There's nothing cooler than chillin' under the sun in a hotel pool.

Image Via Dump A Day

Take A Vacation Every Now and Again

Just don't do anything you'll end up regreting.

Image via The Meta Picture

Be Proud of Your Past

You're an original, don't ever forget who you are, even if it makes you a hipster.

Image Via Reddior pbjork

Don't Be Afraid to Dance

While you might want to do it like nobody's watching, make sure you at least do it with some style.

Image Via 9GAG

Nothing is Cooler Than A Sweet Pair of Shades

But it's important to hold on to your sunglasses so no one else can steal your cool.

Image Via LOLbrary

Know What It Takes to Party

If you want to be a cool cat, you need to learn to be a party animal first.

Image Via Stuff On My Cat

Learn to Be Suave

Even if you're a bit of a geek, you can still be cool.

Image Via Buzzfeed

Keep Things In Perspective

Remember, you might be the coolest person in your office or school, but you'll never be the coolest prson in the galaxy.

Image Via 9GAG

Of course, you Neatorama readers don't really need any lessons on becoming cool -you already are!

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