Great Pics of The Week: WTF Edition

Last week, we introduced an all new series: Great Pics of the Week. This time we're focusing on seriously strange, stupid and silly pictures that make you ask, "Ok, WTF?" Time for some wildly weird wonders:

Pimping Ain't Beep-y

Perhaps the weirdest con exclusive from the NYCC, was created by Manly Art. Say hello to Pimp2-D2 who has the driod babes you're looking for.

Via io9

What Big, Bulging Eyes You Have

Mental Floss knows that many vintage Halloween costumes are pretty creepy, but these two are more weird than they are terrifying.

Baby Back Bacon

Here's another great old school costume that just screams "why?" But hey, at least this bacon costume won its creator a first place prize in a costume contest.

Cat Toy Story

Speaking of weird costumes, George the Cat is well known for his costume prowess, but his take on Toy Story looks just a little strange. Of course, it's still cute.

He's Certainly Not Licking Himself At Least

But at least George the Cat is better off than this cat pictured on Reddit.

These Are Some Hep Cats

Lets just hope that cone picture isn't that feline's cat yearbook photo.

Via Pleated Jeans

Modeling is Just Monkey Business

Who better to appreciate the beauty of the human female form than a monkey photographer?

Thanks to History_Pics for this great slice of weirdness.

Via BoingBoing

But I Love Butterflies

Anything About Nothing knows all about being a little weird and random.

Recycle, Or Else...

If that's not a good enough reason to recycle, I don't know what is. Image spotted by Redditor Bagelbunny.

Via Geekosystem

The Chamber of Herpes?

This might just be the worst Harry Potter analogy ever.

Via Dump A Day

Harry and the Tramp

Then again, you probably never even realized Harry Potter features such an epic love story.

Via 9Gag

Leaves of Nic

Eyeshadows come in all types of colors...sometimes even in shades of Nicolas Cage apparently.

Via Dump A Day

Metal Gear Stupid

Here's a tip, when you're wearing an eye patch and using a gun, hold it up to the eye that's not covered.

Via Dump A Day

Spider-Man Gets Captured Easier Than A Spider Can

The old Spider-Man cartoon was notoriously badly animated. Even so, a blunder this bad is just embarassing for all involved.

Via Anon Gallery

Parenting, You're Definitely Doing It Wrong

I don't care how much juice your kid can drink, you don't need to make them chug it with a beer bong.

Via Dump A Day

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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