The Prettiest Bug Infestation Ever: Ladybug Swarms

Image: NewsChannel5

One lady bug is pretty and two is twice as pretty. But how about thousands of ladybugs swarming your house?

That's what happened to parts of the Midwest, as Emily Luxen of NewsChannel 5 reported.

Ladybugs typically turn up this time of year, but this year, their population skyrocketed. "We have perfect weather conditions, and a large food population," said Davidson County, Tennessee, entomologist David Cook. "This is a perfect storm."

NewsChannel 5 interviewed one Tennessean whose home was overrun with ladybugs:

Diane Stroud was shocked by the number of ladybugs that suddenly congregated on her Lebanon home.

"There were probably one million of them," said Stroud.  "They were all over the porch, the far side of the house, everything was covered."

The ladybugs are drawn to light-colored structures while looking for warmth and shelter. The good news is that ladybugs aren't harmful to humans or structures (though they're a bit stinky), but the bad news is that, according to Cook, the infestation wil get worse before it gets better.

Just be thankful that those are ladybugs and not spiders, guys!

View the full story over at NewsChannel 5.

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Feh. We get them here in NY to varying degrees every year. Usually late Oct/early Nov, when there is a warm day, they swarm all the white parts of the house. And then when it gets cold they move into the walls. I have a few flying around the house ATM, because it hit 70F on Friday.
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They were pretty bad where I live in 2009. I vacuumed often, but they'd congregate on the high ceilings and I'd expect one to fall on me any second. It was enough to make me want to move back into my old house, with wood floors and ceilings I could reach!
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Vancouver had a ridiculous amount of spiders in late summer this year. I counted something like 72 individual spiders on my walk home from work one day. It was a particularly dry summer for this city, so maybe that had something to do with it.
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