The Street Art of Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins is a street and installation artist in the Washington, D.C. area. He’s most popularly known for this human-shaped street art sculptures. They’re so realistic that one (with a polar bear head) inspired a bomb scare in 2008.

Mr. Jenkins often creates casts using tape, a medium that he first explored as a child. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he explained:

I first made tape casts as a child, wrapping the tape over pencils in reverse and then back over to seal it. I made them for fun, but I was scolded by my teacher not to "waste tape." In 2003, I got interested in art and started experimenting with mediums and re-discovered this casting process, applying it to larger objects and on myself. But my interest in art wasn’t so much the sculpture itself but, rather, installation sculpture, using the object to affect the space around it.

From the samples pictured above, you can see how Mr. Jenkins impacts the space around his sculptures. A sewer grate becomes a toaster with just a few slices of toast. A parking space becomes napping zone—provided that you’ve paid for the time.

-via Hi Fructose Magazine

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"The Street Art of Mark Jenkins"

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