Carpooling is Bad for the Economy

Don't be selfish! You know that carpooling is bad for the economy. Carpooling means fewer people driving their own cars. That means fewer car sales, and that leads to fewer people employed by car manufacturers. That also means less gasoline consumption ... just think of how many people employed by the oil and gas industry stand to lose their jobs!

Fewer cars on the road will also make streets last longer. No more potholes? Your selfishness in driving with other people just cost the road maintenance crew their livelihood. Not to mention the car repair guys that count on you breaking your car's shock absorbers every now and then.

And don't get me started on the car wash guys - many of which are poor immigrants trying to support their family back home. These poor immigrants are also likely to be minorities. So your carpooling habit is undeniably racist.

San Francisco-based artist Brian Singer AKA someguy tells it like it is. In his 2010 art project, You are ___ for the Economy, he created a series of stickers that he affixed to various public places to plead with the public to do their part for the economy.

Are you trying to lose weight? Don't! Obesity is good for the economy. More fat people means more food and job security for restaurant workers. Do you have high self-esteem? That's terrible! It's better for everyone if you have low self-esteem and are therefore compelled to try and fit in by buying the latest in fashion. Down with crime? Who'll feed the family of all those policemen, prosecutors, judges, and prison wardens?

Take a look this art project over at Singer's website (using your newly purchased iPhone or the latest desktop cmputer, of course), then head on over to the shopping mall to do your part for the economy. Be sure to drive by yourself in your own car, mmkay?

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This kind of thinking sounds so crazy when you're talking about cars but this is the thought process behind for-profit prison. Instead of trying to help our society they only try to make more money and don't care if it hurts the general public or makes the prisoners into worse people (repeat customers are good for business).
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