The Breaking Bad Prediction Guide

No one outside of the production team knows what will happen when Breaking Bad airs its series finale tonight. The show was never designed to be an ongoing series, but to tell a story that leads to an end. It won't fit into the standard syndication model as easily as, say, Law & Order, because showing episodes out of order would disrupt the narrative. With the finale tonight ("Felina"), the web is full of people who either want to call the results or fantasize about what they would like to see happen, no matter how implausible. Here are some of those predictions, ranging from the calculated to the outlandish. Since the blurbs may contain spoilers for those who are not current on the show, continue reading to see the roundup.

Now, after five seasons, all the main characters are either dead, in hiding, or sinking into utter despair as their world falls apart. The only sure thing about the series ending is that this will be the final part. 


First, some pop culture blogs lay out what might happen, or what they want to see happen.

Warming Glow: Jesse escapes with Brock and the money and settles in Hawaii for a happy life.

Entertainment Weekly: “Walt uses the ricin on Uncle Jack, frees Jesse, Jesse kills him. Last shot is Walt’s money flying away on desert wind a la Sierra Madre,” and other predictions.

HuffPo TV: Jesse kills the nazis with laboratory fumes. Jesse tries to kill Walt, but commits suicide instead. Walt turns himself in to the DEA.

Buzzfeed: Walt kills the nazis. Jesse, Skyler, and Flynn go into witness protection. Walt commits suicide.

Hypable: A hit man kills Flynn. Walt saves Jesse. Lydia gets the ricin treatment in her tea. Jesse kills Todd and gets away with Brock.

Wired: Seven Mind-Blowing Theories Updated.

The A.V. Club: Walt dies; it doesn't matter how. Marie kills Walt.

Den of Geek: Walt funnels money to his family through the Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz Foundation. Jesse escapes by killing nazis with science. Walt commits suicide with the ricin.

Heavy: Walt and Skyler die. Jesse takes over as Heisenberg to support Brock.

She Knows: Walter saves Jesse. They and the White family escapes to an island, where Jesse grows a family. Todd finds them, kills everyone but Jesse, his daughter, and Walt. Jesse then kills Walt with the ricin.

The Day: Marie, Skyler, or Flynn kills Walt. Jesse escapes, kills Todd, and takes Brock to raise as a responsible citizen. Hank rises from the dead. Saul saves Jesse. It gets weirder from there. 

Some endings would be cooler than others, as you can see in this graph from Coolness Graphed. -Thanks, Craig L!

There are entire websites devoted to the show. Here are what some of them are saying.

Claim Your Cockamamie Theory: Walt kills the nazis, saves Jesse, and makes Jesse continue producing meth with profits going to Skyler.

Meaning of Breaking Bad: Uncle Jack's compound explodes; all die except for Saul.

Breaking Bad Predictions: Nazis kill Flynn. Walt kills the nazis. Jesse kills Walt, but then realizes Walt poisoned him with the ricin.

The Key of Awesome: Flynn becomes the new Heisenberg.

And finally, posts in which commenters post their theories or other internet predictions are collected.

Reddit: Redditor predictions and more redditor predictions.

New York Times: Twitter predictions.

HuffPo: Predictions from various journalists and bloggers.

Good Riddance: A Tribute

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one more off-the-wall prediction: if the final episode includes a raid by the Feds, I would hope two of them are cameo appearances by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, because Vince Gilligan should give some props to the show that gave him his first big break...
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Comic Book Artist Ty Templeton made a comic showing some of the sillier predictions and their 'odds'

I commented there with some predictions of my own that are, well, based on precedent...
Walter White catches up to a one-armed man who clears him of all charges.
Walter White suddenly awakens next to Suzanne Pleshette.
It’s discovered the whole thing happened in a snow globe held by Walter Jr.
Jesse wins a car on The Price Is Right.
The entire cast is reunited in the Afterlife, and Hurley and Linus come to open a resort at To’hajiilee. (They already have a chain that include Lost Island, Gilligan’s Island, Dillon, Texas and Cicely, Alaska)
Walter finishes Tony’s order of onion rings.
The ghost of Oliver Hardy appears to simply say ‘That’s another fine meth you got us into’.
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