Bad Arguments, Illustrated with Animals

Written by Ali Almossawi and illustrated by Alejandro Giraldo, An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments explains logical fallacies so you can avoid using them or defend yourself against them -or at least recognize them. The cartoons that accompany each fallacy show animals who take the concept at hand to a ridiculous level. Above, you see the confusion of correlation and causation.

"Equivocation" is when the meaning of a word changes in the middle of an argument. Suddenly, the argument makes no sense and it can be difficult to pin down why.

Consider the following argument: How can you be against faith when we take leaps of faith all the time, with friends and potential spouses and investments?    Here, the meaning of the word “faith” is shifted from a spiritual belief in a creator to a risky undertaking.

Godwined! Or, guilt by association. If the bad guy likes the idea, the idea itself must be bad, no?

You can read the entire book online, but if you know someone who should own this, the hardback edition will be released in November. Link -via Buzzfeed

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"Bad Arguments, Illustrated with Animals"

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