It Ain't From There

Just because something is named after a place doesn't mean it came from there.

Outback Steak House, the Australian-themed restaurant, was founded in Tampa, Florida.

Irish Spring Soap is manufactured by Colgate in the United States, and is not sold outside of North America.

Uno's Chicago Grill pizza restaurant chain is Boston-based.

Texas Pete Hot Sauce, a popular brand in the South, is made in North Carolina.

AriZona Iced Tea is headquartered in New York City.

London broil is a method of marinating and preparing flank steak. The dish originated in the American Midwest; it's virtually unknown in London.

Old Milwaukee beer is brewed in Detroit.

Lone Star Steakhouse is the name of a restaurant chain that was founded in North Carolina. In Texas, the Lone Star State, there are no Lone Star Steakhouses.

Hawaiian Punch is made with Hawaiian fruits, including papaya and pineapple, but it invented in Fullerton, California.

Vienna Beef is a popular brand of hot dogs and deli meats manufactured by a Chicago-based company.

Arizona Jeans clothing is produced by and sold at J.C. Penney stores, based in Plano, Texas.

Budweiser beer is named after the town of Busweis in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic), but it originated in Missouri.

Vermont Castings manufactures wood-burning stoves and grills. The company's home offices are in Kentucky; all of its products are made in China.

New York Brand Texas Toast is produced in Ohio.

This list was reprinted with permission from the Bathroom Institute's book Uncle John's Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader. Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute has published a series of popular books containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts.

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New York Brand Texas Toast just makes a mockery of the whole "place names as brand names" thing...

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made by Kraft Foods, headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

Poland Spring Water does not come from the country of Poland but from five sources in the state of Maine, one which is named Poland Spring. (Still, a 4-out-of-5 chance of not-Poland-Spring).

Avon is headquartered in New York City, nowhere near the British river where Shakespeare hung out.

You don't know WHERE your New York Pizza, Philly Cheesesteak, Boston Baked Beans or Memphis Barbeque comes from. Tex-Mex could be all Tex, all Mex or neither.

And Jim Ochsner, in addition to the New Jersey New York teams, the Dallas Cowboys currently play in Arlington, Texas, and previously in Irving, Texas. I got a kick out of calling them the "Irving Cowboys". Of course, there was quite a period of controversy leading up to the awkward naming of one MLB team "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim".

And Subway has thousands of stores in areas without underground rapid transit systems.
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