The Corporate States of America

Steve Lovelace created this map, titled "The Corporate States of America," using brands that best represent each one of the 50 states. He said:

I created this map after writing an article about corporate feudalism. My hypothesis is that, as corporations and non-governmental organizations grow in power, the power of nation states will become increasingly irrelevant. We’re already seeing this on a small scale, as people turn to the Internet to make friends, instead of befriending their neighbors. I think that, as corporations become the dominant organizations on Earth, people will start thinking of themselves as citizens of Apple or partisans of Starbucks.

One thing I discovered while writing this article is that corporations are not evenly distributed across the country. Some states, such New Mexico, Alaska, Montana and West Virginia, simply do not host many big corporations. Others host so many that choosing one was difficult. In these cases, I went with the company that I though best represented the state, rather than the biggest or most notorious. Hence, I used Dr Pepperfor Texas instead of ExxonMobil.

Link - via Design TAXI and Maps of the Web

Do you agree with his choices?

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CAT is the *perfect* representation of Illinois. Granted, the Chicagoans may not think so, but here in Peoria we've got the World Headquarters - and if you don't work for CAT, you have a relative and half a dozen friends who do.
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Maytag is a great representative of Iowa. It's owned by Whirlpool, a Michigan-based company. I'd nominate Winnebago, the manufacturer of motor homes, instead. Nothing says Iowa like, "let's leave." I used to tell people that the Winnebago Native Americans from Iowa were never given a reservation of their own, so they had to travel among the other tribes' reservations. They got so good at it, that they invented the Winnebago motor home.
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I'm not sure that Alabama is well represented by Saks. I grew up in Alabama and had no idea that Saks Incorporated was founded there. The headquarters are in New York now, and the best known Saks store, Saks Fifth Avenue, was founded in New York.
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"The Corporate States of America"

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