Wetsuits Designed to Prevent Shark Attacks

(Photo: Shark Attack Mitigation Systems)

Yes, it's Shark Week. But why limit yourself to just one week a year? Live every week like it's Shark Week.

And don't get bitten. These camouflage suits made by an Australian company called Shark Attack Mitigation Systems may help you stay safe:

Sharks, of course, make use of several senses in tracking prey, but sight becomes crucial when they move in to strike. Collin and Hart had just published research suggesting that sharks were cone monochromats, like whales and dolphins, and thus likely color blind. From those findings, they developed parameters for two designs: one to camouflage divers from sharks and another to repel the predators outright. Since they were colorblind, the researchers surmised, object detection would be based primarily on brightness contrast. So, for the camouflage suit, they determined a set of optimum reflectance spectra that would make the suit hard to spot under typical conditions in western Australian waters. It’s the same basic principle as military camouflage, just optimized for shark eyeballs.


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I've heard that sharks mistake a person in a black wet suit, for a seal. The black oval on the torso looks seal-shaped to me. I wonder if the shark thinks so too?
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Um, yeah. All I can say is volumes have been written on what to plant or spray that will deter deer from browsing your garden to death. Does it work at all, or from year to year? - nope. Notice the author wrote that MOST sharks don't like to eat sea snakes.
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If the danger of being attacked by sharks warrants buying an expensive special suit to hide from their senses, then maybe something is telling you not to take the risk in the first place.
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