79 Common Mispronunciations

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When you learn new words by reading and not so much by hearing them, it's easy to mispronounce them in your head. Then later, if you hear the word spoken, you might not even recognize it. It happens to everyone, or at least everyone who reads a lot when they are young. John Green sets the record straight on a long list of commonly mispronounced words. -via mental_floss

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Given the theme, I'm surprised how sloppy/incomplete this one is. Some examples to add to the growing list: with nuclear, there is a second acceptable pronunciation, "nyoo-clear" (not to be confused with "nu-kyoo-ler," which is never correct). "Comf-ter-bul" is an accepted pronunciation, and another common mispronunciation (I'd wager more common than "pen") for penne is "penny." Often combined with the word "pasta," i.e. "penny pasta." Also, a couple musical sour notes: you left out the greatest drummer in the world, Neil Peart (PEE-rt, not PERT). And it's "Gotye," not "Goyte."
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Conversely, you can easily spot someone who learned words and expressions by hearing them spoken, by their misspelling or misunderstanding of them.
"You reap what you sew", "All intensive purposes", etc.
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