Ain't It The Truth?

This might not be what the manufacturer recommends, but it's the way it's done in most households. Except I would tend to forget where the rest of the blades were put, and ended up using the first one for as long as possible. Now I just buy a bag of non-refillable disposables, and the rest of the bag disappears among the family. From Doghouse Diaries. Link

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Or get a straight razor, and never have to buy blades again. I get a better shave from it than disposables, and have yet to hurt myself with it, despite having been able to draw blood with disposables or even once with an electric. You have to learn to sharpen it at some point though.

And even if you don't go with a straight razor, a proper brush for applying shaving cream can make quite a difference.
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I got into the habit of putting a half sharp disposable razor aside to use when I'm low on money whenever I switched to a brand new sharp razor and I ended up with dozens of half sharp razors. Now I'm trying to get rid of those by using them until they are painful to use.
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Safety razor FTW! Seriously the first year you break even, if not save some cash. After that its just a matter of buying good shaving cream and blades (which run about 18cents or so a piece.)
I keep meaning to write up a blog post for a friend with the benefits, not only monetary, of using a safety razor.
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