Leftover Pizza Should Be Refrigerated

A guy forgot two pizzas in the oven and didn't open the appliance again for two weeks. What resulted might supply penicillin for an entire small country. I can't help but believe alcohol or marijuana may have been involved. The questions raised:

1. Who puts two pizzas in an oven at once?

2. Why didn't he remove the pizzas from the oven when he turned the oven off? Lack of potholders?

3. Why does one even have an oven if you aren't going to use it any more often than once in two weeks?

Link -via Boing Boing

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This reminds me of many years ago when I was in the military. A friend of mine came over to the apartment my wife and I had to watch football on Sunday. He brought over a frozen burrito to cook to eat later while watching the game. We were enjoying a few (ahem!) beers while in front of the TV when he put the burrito in the oven to heat. A week later my wife went to cook something in the oven and discovered that my friend had put the burrito in there but never turned on the oven and forgot that it was even there!
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You can't really generalize all molds into good or bad just by their color..... there are hundreds to thousands of molds that fall into the various color categories.

Not all white mold is Aspergillus oryzae (sake mold).
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1. I always cook 2 pizzas at a time. The pre-made crusts at the grocery store come 2-in-a-pack. And there are 2 racks inside my oven.
2. After cooking, you leave one inside the oven to keep it warm. (Don't know why he didn't remove either pizza, though.)
3. It's hot in south Texas for 11 months out of the year. I don't like turning on the hot box in my kitchen. But during that 1 month when the temperature is below 70, I'm baking a lot!
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