How to be Interesting on Facebook

The following is a post by Jessica Hagy, author of How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps)

It’s practically mandatory to join the site (at least for the time being). If you’re not
on Facebook you’re a lot like Schrodinger’s Cat—no one knows for sure if you’re
alive or dead.

Here are a few tips for being interesting while Facebooking. If we all have to be on it,
we might as well make it as painless (and as interesting) as possible.

People mainly look at your pictures, you might as well put your best face forward. If
you don’t like how you look in pictures, smile.

Try to be less repetitive with your posts. One baby, cat, or paleo-diet approved
plate of steamed kale picture a week? Okay. One an hour? You shall be blocked and

Don’t get all political. If I agree with you, I ignore you. If I disagree, I think less of
you. No one wins until we actually go to the polls.

Do not become a spam factory. It makes you seem like less of a friend and more of a
corporate pimp.

Do not antagonize or yell at, scold or berate people in public forums. It’s tacky and
gross and mean. I shouldn’t even have to type this.

Keep your fetishes to yourself. This is how people solidify their identities as “the
creepy uncle” or “my aunt with the thing for wrinkled old men.”

Brag rarely and only when appropriate. If someone is sharing the loss of a pet,
spouse, job, home, or will to live—please, refrain from hijacking their grief with a
plug for your new band.

Despite all advertising to the contrary, Facebook is not all about YOU.

And really: log off sometimes.
You might actually have something worthwhile to share when you return.

- Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy, the blogger behind the award-winning Indexed blog, which made the Venn diagram hip without doing actual math, has released a neat new book, How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps)

If you like the post above or love her blog posts, then this is the book for you.

It started with a post on Forbes titled "How to Be Interesting," which went viral with 1.6 million views and counting. In that post, Jessica was pondering personal assets and virtues in business, and thought that being interesting was the greatest one:

It’s more vital than hustle or education, more important than good networking. It’s a core attribute that draws people toward each other, and greases the wheels of love and commerce and politics.

Indeed! Take it from us, Neatoramanauts After writing over 50,000 neat and interesting (hah!) posts on Neatorama, we know something's interesting when we see it! Jessica's book is a rare treat, get it.

Get the book from Amazon | Workman - More info at the book's official page | Jessica's website

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