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Some blogs present information in unusual ways. Jessica Hagy's Indexed, for instance, cleverly boils down the truth into simple graphs on 3x5 index cards.

Add this to the list: Where It Stands, where conventional wisdom is presented as scales between two opposing values. Here's a sample post:

Ford announced today it was shifting focus to making more small cars. I don't know about you but this news feels like 1981 all over again. That was when Ford first felt the crush of smaller, Japanese cars. A strategy they abandoned once they realized they could make big SUVs again. My guess is in another 15 years they'll make the same announcement.

Check it out: Link

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This guy is dumb, other readers have already figured that out. He's also somewhat bitter though? (it's a guy right?)

On a personal note, he also seems to dislike/distrust Obama. I.E. he's racist. lol what?
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Indexed is clever because it mingles pie charts, graphs, and everything else with the index card wrapping it all up in a neat thematic package. I think that this is a little bit less.. Clear? The graph used isn't as straight forward as the ones indexed uses, and it's not nearly as precise about the points it seeks to make.

Then again, Maybe it's just my advanced statistics courses speaking out.
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