"He Started It" is No Defense

He grabbed her butt; she hit him in the face. Can you guess who pays for the crime? The unnamed man who copped a feel at a nightclub in Lund, Sweden, last summer was charged with sexual assault, but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. However, he suffered a broken nose, which was plenty of evidence to convict the woman of assault.

In its ruling the Lund District Court agreed that the woman was subject to a "serious provocation", but ultimately ruled her actions couldn't be considered as acting in self-defence.

The court convicted the 23-year-old woman of assault, slapping her with a suspended sentence and a 2,500 kronor ($380) fine, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reported.

She must also pay 1,860 kronor in damages to the man, who had originally demanded 25,000 kronor as compensation for the injuries he suffered during the incident.

Link -via Arbroath

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The end justifies the means?
You may sympathize with her situation, but you cannot justify her response.
What if the roles were reversed? She grabs his butt, and he breaks her nose. Would you not call it an overreaction?
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I'm going to put my 2 cents in and say HE had it coming. Women aren't objects to be played with. If it was your wife,girlfriend, daughter,sister or mother, you might hit the guy yourself. What it comes down to is guys don't like the idea of a women who isn't "well-behaved". Which means helpless.
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If it happened on TV, CSI would've done a complete DNA analysis of the woman's pants and found the perp's handprint and chalked her action up to justifiable under the "Stand Your Ground" law.
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""He Started It" is No Defense"

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