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March Madness is here, and the NCAA tournament has so far been a bit different: Harvard advances by beating New Mexico, La Salle upset Kansas State, and Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown. And last year's champion, Kentucky, isn't even in the tournament. We may have a Final Four made up of schools that have never been there before! Amid all the excitement, I hope you find time to catch up on what's been happening this past week at Neatorama.

Alex posted a couple of really neat photographic collections on the Spotlight Blog: Tunnels to Manhattan and The Guardians of Time.

Eddie Deezen brought us The Origins of the Terms Cheesecake and Beefcake.

The Peepal Conclave illustrated the selection of a new pope in marshmallow Peeps.

The “Name Number” for Geology, and for Other Professions was the contribution from the Annals of Improbable Research.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader gave us a look back at the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

And The Unauthorized Biography of the Easter Bunny came from mental_floss magazine.

We had four Brainteasers this week from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: The Dishonest Bellhop, Two Jugs, Twin Birthdays, and Party Punch. Did you figure any of them out before looking at the answer?

In the What Is It? game, the pictured tool is a spoke wrench, suitable for holding pieces of wire or as a spoke-grip for screwing up the spokes of suspension wheels, such as are used in bicycles and other light vehicles. Steve Pauk knew what it was, and wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! The funniest answer of the week was from Paul D., who said it was a Higgs Boson. We've been looking all over for that, haven't we? Paul also wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! Thanks to all who participated, even if you just gave a heart. See the answers to all the mystery items of the week at the What is It? blog.

Those who subscribe to NeatoMail had a chance to win Star Wars prizes last week! Congratulations to the winners, Ponder Variety, Portiap, and John Scallorn. Look in the right sidebar to sign up for Neatomail, so you can be in on the next contest. And look for those Star Wars prizes for sale in the NeatoShop!

The post with the most comments this week was Two Jugs, followed by The Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush, and The Origins of the Terms Cheesecake and Beefcake. You can still join in the conversations on these or any other posts.

The comment of the week came from Joseph Francis, who responded to the title of the video Dosvedanya, Winter! by saying, "Dosvedanya Winter? I had the biggest crush on her in high school. Last I heard she ended up marrying Arrivederci Roma." A good pun will win the accolade every time!

The most popular post of the week was Two Jugs, which admittedly has a provocative title, followed by Baby Pears and Twin Birthdays.

Usability tip of the week: If you like a particular post on Neatorama, share it with your family and friends! Click on the title of a post, and you'll see buttons at the bottom that make it easy to email a post to someone you know who'd appreciate it. Other buttons let you share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or G+. Your friends will thank you!

Easter is only a week from tomorrow, so get your Easter supplies ordered from the NeatoShop as soon as possible!

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