The Wacky World of Chinese Bootleg Movies

Funny, I saw all the Star Wars films and I don't recall Arnold Schwarzenegger being in any of them! This is a pirated copy manufactured in China, where accuracy takes a backseat to fast volume production. They may be cheap, unauthorized, and hang up in your DVD player, but they are good for a laugh.  

I mean, I can understand a bad translation to Chinese, but how the hell did they come up with these English slogans? Are they the product of a chain English-Chinese-English Google translation? Why did they put these next to the Chinese text? And why are they pasting negative quotes from film reviews on the covers? The one for rom-com The Perfect Man says "The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it for scenes of awesome stupidity." I'm sure the critic was right, but how is this honesty a selling point?

The covers' Photoshop jobs, however, are pure genius: I really want to see Star Wars with Predator's Arnold, Indy with a broadsword, and Thor in Games of Thrones. Oh, and Harry Potter in Lord of the Rings would be formidable.

My theory is that instead of attempting to translate whatever information they have, the cover artists use a lot of copy-and-paste from random movie sources that may or may not have anything to do with the movie at hand. Read more at Gizmodo. Link -via Digg

See more pictures at the original article in Spanish. Link

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"The Wacky World of Chinese Bootleg Movies"

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