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I recently watched the Ai Weiwei documentary, this is a man on a mission. Sometimes it is easy for people in the Western World to take our freedomes for granted, it's unfortunate really, because so many are still without basic human rights like the freedom of expression. He does not mince words.

Free information and communication on Internet is forbidden in China. So you're facing so-called a great firewall to block all the major international Internet servers. And within China you have 100,000 Internet police just sitting there delete all blog or whatever the information they think we cannot appreciate about.

As someone who writes on the internet for a living, I don't like the idea of Internet police at all. Big Think has been producing some interesting viral videos lately, including that one with Bill Nye.

-Via Ulamonge

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Didn't we recently hear from a politician (is there anything they don't know?) how great it would be if we were China, just for a day, so the government could do what it needs to do? Of course, that particular politician totally got a pss from the media, so you may not have heard about it.
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It's only fitting, is it not, that we taxpayers in the Land of Liberty funded development of the most liberating tool ever devised, the Internet.
In fact, the Internet might be America's most important legacy to future civilizations.
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