Bus Station Sonata

For the people of Newcastle it doesn’t take much to play Beethoven. Press a few keys here and there and voilà, a beautifully orchestrated sonata. I mean, I guess it does help to have someone else playing all the tough parts for you, but hey it’s still beautiful. This took place in the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle England and was funded by The Arts Council of England and Nexus Art.

-Thanks Anton 

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I agree with both of you. It is an easy piece to play, like the Bach's Prelude and Widor's Toccota, but playing it well is the real challenge. When trying to play them well, those pieces are deceptively challenging because you must read beyond the simple notes. Great video by the way.
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No, it is easy. I think they chose it because it's familiar to people, but it doesn't really show off the skill of the pianist. Like I said, if I can play it, it ain't difficult.
It's one of those pieces (sorry for saying "song" before - I'm just not as clever as you) that maybe sounds complicated but is as easy as Chopsticks for a professional. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Widor's Toccata come to mind (I have more of a pipe organ background with music).
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In my pre-k class, they played Moonlight Sonata every day during naptime. I was the only kid in class who just didn't nap. I wasn't sleepy, and couldn't understand why they forced me to lay on a foam mat and stay silent for what seemed like an eternity. I grew to loathe Moonlight Sonata, because it signified torture to me. I think, in my subconscious, somewhere, this video redeemed the song a little bit.
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