The Celebrity Craziness Matrix

We all know celebrities are, to phrase it politely, a little eccentric. But as with all things, some nuts are nuttier than others, and those come in different flavors. The folks at Jest were kind enough to pick out the best and brightest among crazy famous (crazy-famous) people, and then organize them into a comprehensive, easy-to-use map. From Gary Busey to Lady Gaga, Zany to Dangerous, here is a "highly scientific graphical breakdown" that is probably not at all scientific, though it is a lot of fun. Link

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To quote a friend of mine on another blog, the main character - "Stark, can get on your nerves". But who's to say what acceptable behavior is for a guy who spent eleven years in hell, killing Hellions in the arena, as a 'live human' attraction? I wouldn't read them twice, but for a first read, they're hard to put down. I just picked up the fourth one, available in hardback.

Haven't read the Odd Thomas novels, but I'll check them out. I'm also reading Tad Williams, 'The Dirty Streets of Heaven'. Yup, heaven and hell simultaneously, just for balance.
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Yeah, I actually knew a guy who was approached by a talent scout because of his skills and was turned down by the Hollywood higher ups because he's too normal. They're looking for outrageous characters - the more outrageous, the better.

How's that Sandman Slim novel, btw? Is it anything like the Odd Thomas novels by Dean Koontz?
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Our brains are programmed to identify and be wary of those among us who operate behaviorally waaaaay outside accepted norms. The entertainment industry know this and uses it to get attention for their performers. Given the public has the attention span of a flea on meth, the effort to get attention to keep 'properties' saleable and in the public eye increases and gets wackier every year. I fully expect to see leading, legitimate?, dramatic actors having real sex on film in the near future, and appearing before the paparazzi totally nude. Maybe in a pair of 4" heels.

Some of these folks are just nuts, but they didn't start out in their careers that way. As someone who is fond of my privacy, I have to think that that lifestyle would be crazy-making, addictive, and deeply corroding to one's soul. Assuming they didn't already sell their souls to the Devil in exchange for fame. (I'm reading the third Sandman Slim novel...)

Interested to see that Jeff Probst made all four quadrants.
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