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One of the things we're trying to do with the new Neatorama is get your feedback on the kind of posts you like to see, so we can bring more of those type to you. There are several ways you can let us know your preferences. Of course, you can leave comments below any post. An even easier way to lodge your opinion is the little ♥ that appears at the top of each item. Click that, and we'll know that someone likes that post. We also keep track of how many Pins, Tweets, or Facebook likes each post gets -and you can find buttons for those things at the bottom of each post, as well as a way to email that item to your friends. And if you don't let us know which posts you like, other people will! Thanks to everyone who comments, Tweets, ♥, etc -because that's information we need to know to keep Neatorama on the ball!

This week we introduced feature-length exclusive articles to our new Halloween blog. This week we had The Stories Behind Three Classic Halloween Movies and its sequel The Stories Behind Three More Horror Classics. As we get closer to the holiday, there will be more exclusive articles on Halloween lore, costumes, decorations, and fun stuff you'll want to read. Make sure you check out the Neatorama Halloween blog every day!

Here at the main site, Jill Harness introduced us to 8 Animals Who Have Tried Their Paws & Hooves At Politics.

Eddie Deezen told us all about Toto, The Wizard of Oz Dog (1932-1945) and The Beatles' Troublesome Butcher Album Cover.

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity Suggest a Better Way to Choose Politicians came from The Annals of Improbable Research.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader contributed The History of Glass.

And How the French Revolution Gave Birth to the Restaurant Business was reprinted from mental_floss magazine.

In the What Is It? game this week, the little thing you were asked to identify is a device to hold golf tees and ball markers. Berhard was first with the correct answer, and wins a t-shirt! As for the funniest answer, pismonque said,

Well, it used to be a robot centipede, before some cruel little fiend pulled all its legs off and made it into a keychain. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

Yep, that's worth a t-shirt as well! Thanks to everyone who played this week. You'll find the answers to all this week's mystery items at the What Is It? blog.

The Neatorama Caption Contest: Beon Sleeps is still open for your entries. There are t-shirts from the NeatoShop up for grabs!

The post with the most comments this week was We Should Ban Life Jackets & Other Flotation Devices, followed by Is It Unprofessional for a College Professor to Breastfeed During Class? If you haven't put your two cents worth in yet, go see what all the fuss is about.

And if that isn't enough Neatorama for you, we have extra content and fun at our Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest. And mobile users: Flipboard makes it easy to keep up with Neatorama!

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Hi Neatorama,
Sometimes my Neatorama page wiggles from side to side when I stop scrolling up or down? Is this for a reason? do you even know what I'm talking about?
FYI It only happens on this web page and it doesn't happen all the time. if for instance I refresh the page the issue stops? I'm puzzled, not annoyed...and wondering if this happens to others? also If I get some sort of prize?
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