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Outrageous College Courses

Underwater basket weaving? Puh-leeze! This is 2012 and some colleges have taken unusual classes to a whole 'nother level. Take, for instance, this one on cross-dressing seminar offered at Swarthmore College:

ENGL 009Y. First-Year Seminar: Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross-Dressing
Do clothes make the man? Or the woman? Do men make better women? Or women better men? Is gender a costume we put on and take off? Are we really all always in drag? Does gender-bending lead to transcendence or chaos? These questions and their ramifications for liminalities of race, nationality and sexuality will be our focus in a course that examines dramatic works from The Bacchae to M. Butterfly.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Fall 2012. Finberg.

The College Fix has a list of some of the most outrageous college courses you could take: Link - via The National Review

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