Graph Paper Animated GIF by Alma Alloro

We've all doodled in math class, but not like this! Alma Alloro elevated doodling on graph paper into an art form. Check out her gallery of animated GIFs over at Co.DESIGN:

The collection, Further Abstracts, shows geometric doodles sliding and spinning with life on plain old graph paper. It’s basically what every day-dreaming trig student wishes would happen with his time-wasting sketches. In fact, that was more or less Alloro’s impulse for creating them.

"I made many still image drawings in the same style before," the Tel Aviv-born artist told Co.Design, "and was curious to see what it would look like in animation." But in addition to being relatively high quality and easy to disseminate, Alloro thinks GIFs represent a new kind of frontier in visual art--something related to but separate from its older sibling, video art. "Video ?art began as a comment on cinema?,? and I think it was never capable to become free from that role," Alloro explained. "Now?,? when videos occupy about 50?%? of any important biennial, it seems like GIFs are replacing video-art and becoming the new avant-garde ?.?.. It is also part of this new trend to bring the Internet to a gallery space and vice versa."


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