NEED: An Automatic Pancake Maker

It might not seem like the most efficient use of money, but you have no idea how badly we need one of these in the Neatorama office. Alex and Zeon are always harassing John and  me to make them pancakes at least once a day. It's amazing we are ever able to find time to actually write. Of course, there's no relief in sight for Miss C and Tiffany, who are our go-to bacon and scrambled egg chefs.


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I can say that the pancakes made with this machine are almost on level with an IHOP or VI pancake. The plus is that they are always cooked perfectly and never burned. And because they are usually found at the continental breakfast bar they are "free".
It is a QuickCakes machine.
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These are great! I had the pancakes as a hotel breakfast bar, but they had just run out of batter and the first many that come out after replacing the batterbag are these tiny super cute delicious ones. I wouldn't mind having one of those at my work either.
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Stay at a Holiday Inn Express and it should have one. The pancakes are really good. It is a prepackaged dry powder you add water to to make the batter. You can program the machine to make as many as you want. It can be set at one and as many times as you press the button it will make one pancake. You also don't have to wait till one is made to press the button for the next one. The coolest thing to me is a little display that shows you where the pancakes are on the belt so you know how long you have to get your pancake.
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I ate a couple of pancakes from one of these machines a month ago at a Holiday Inn Express. Come to think about it, the above picture looks just like the counter at the motel, as well as the bagels beside it. I do have to say, I've had better pancakes...these came out really flat, not fluffy.
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