World's First Portable Computer

Back in 1975, engineers at IBM created the world's first commercial portable computer, the IBM 5100 Portable Computer. Super light (for its time), the computer weighed in at 55 lb and cost about $20,000!

The Next Web has more about this grandaddy of all laptops: Link 

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Just a silly quick note: The IBM 5100's ability to emulate larger, more expensive computers via microcode later played a part in the the time travel hoax of John Titor. Supposedly, Titor travelled back through time to get an IBM 5100, because the future needed it to be able to 'talk' to legacy programs.
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I wonder if future generations will look back at pictures of our PC notebooks and laugh their butts off like I am laughing at this monstrousity.

Look at that thing........ 55 pounds..... $20k.... and has less processing power then the calculator I had 10 years ago.

I love technology and am always in awe of how awesome and small the world has gotten. This morning I was sitting in a Starbucks here in Dubai and talking to my son who is in a small mountain town in the Philippines in real time like he was sitting right next to me. Amazingly awesome.... WAY TO GO SCIENCE.
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I still have a "portable" computer from twenty or so years later; they'd gotten the weight down to maybe twenty pounds. At least it comes with a carrying handle.
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