The Algorithm for the Perfect Bra

Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam left Microsoft to start their own company -- one that would use computers to generate the perfect bra for every woman. They started by getting rid of the measuring tape:

“We went to bra fitting after bra fitting and spoke to experts, and the best ones didn’t use measuring tape,” Lam

said. “They had these unwritten rules where they could look at a woman’s body and say, we think this would be best. We were able to take these rules and distill them into code.” [...]

The algorithm then produces a page of custom recommendations and allows shoppers to choose three bras to test, while the True & Co. experts choose two “mystery” bras based on the customer’s answers to the quiz.

These five bras are shipped for free so women can try them on at home and decide what works. Everything on the site is priced at $45, including high-end brands like Calvin Klein and Natori.

Link -via Gizmodo | Photo: Tracy Hunter

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Yeah, nice idea, but I bottomed out on the second question they ask you. There *is* no band and cup size commercially available that fits me. None. I have to have them made. So, no, unless they *do* use measurements they will not be able to find the "perfect bra for every woman"
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Bra sizing is the worst thing. Especially when they measure you and you don't fit into standard measuring formulas. I ended up going to one of those fitting places that does not use the measuring tape and that worked out a lot better. Of course without going into specifics because of my band size and cup size they're one of the few places that sell a bra that fit me at that time.

Almaline: Ugh...that sounds like a major hassle. I hate bra companies and stores. They think every woman should fit into their little idea of what our bodies are like. At least you found a solution.
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Almaline and nihil:

I recommend two catalog/online companies, Lady Grace and BraSmyth. It's nice not to have to do my own alterations to bras anymore!
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It's too good to be true. I tested it out, and was very disappointed with what I saw. It's certainly possible to make a (mostly) accurate algorithm, but this one needs work. They only offer up to a UK F cup, even though plenty of people need larger cup sizes. Also, the only listed band sizes are 30-38. Lots of women wear sub-30 bands (or should be wearing them). The "quiz" is also incapable of determining if a band is too big or if a cup is too small, which are two very common problems.

While any online fitting service is bound to be somewhat inaccurate, I am impressed with the services offered on the Butterfly Collection website. A Sophisticated Pair also has good fit advice. I would not recommend the calculator on the Lady Grace website, as it adds 4-5 inches to the underbust measurement to get the band size, which results in an unsupportive bra.

Almaline: Have you looked at Ewa Michalak bras? They makes 24-48 bands (and almost any cup size), though I think you may have to request "unusual" sizes in certain styles.
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