The Drink Exchange: Stock Market for Bars

After a long day on the trading floor, this bar will make them feel ... back at work! Behold, economics at work with The Drink Exchange, a bar pricing system where the prices change in real time based on supply and demand (if no one buys a particular drink after a while, the price for that drink goes down)

At programmable times, the system can simulate a "market crash" to drive sales. Link

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There´s a bar I go to sometimes that has this.
The waiters never pay attention and by the time they enter your order the prices have gone up.

When there´s a crash, there´s not enough waiters to take orders.

And then. Price on Fosters may drop to below zero, there´s no way I´m buying that stuff.
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Adam is right, here in Hamburg was a bar that had this. Called itself Dow Jones or somesuch. It's closed now.

Apart from the novelty value, it mostly meant that drinks were usually pricier there than anywhere else.
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