The Internet Described in 1974

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In 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke told a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation what computer use would be like in the year 2001. At the time, the technology to link one computer to the next was in its infancy. Clarke could see possibilities far ahead of ability. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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If you ever get a chance, read the short story "A Logic Named Joe" by Murray Leinster. It came surprisingly close to describing the modern Internet, and it was written in -1946-.
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By 1974, the basics of the internet were already in operation as ARPANET. The first email had been sent in 1971. Clarke was simply aware of the current state of the art, rather than being a prophet.
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FYI he was hardly a prophet, he was commenting on existing hardware, not predicting future technology

the weeb has been around since the early '60s:
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Clarke may not have been predicting future technology, but I think he was predicting future society, culture and human behavior. Just because a technology exists, doesn't necessarily mean society will adopt it.
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"The Internet Described in 1974"

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