10 Awesome Office Pranks For Late April Fool's Day

I know April Fool’s Day was yesterday, but since most people don’t go to work on Sundays, today is certainly the best day to pull off any office pranks you’ve had planned. Admittedly, most good office pranks take a bit of time and preparation to pull off, so it might be too late to do something super outrageous if you haven’t already planned it, even so, these might at least give you some inspiration for April 1, 2013.


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At LEGOLAND, employees quickly learn that anything can be remade with legos…including the vehicles of their co-workers. So naturally, the team stole another employee’s car, moved it and forklifted in a LEGO version of the same vehicle. The doppelganger car weighed 2,934 pounds and took 201,076 LEGOs to build. Of course, being a LEGO-lover himself, the victim couldn’t help but be impressed.

Office Bathroom

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No, these clever pranksters didn’t do anything to the office bathroom –that kind of potty humor is too immature for a workplace environment. Instead, they turned their co-worker’s office into a bathroom. This one takes a lot of time, money and effort, so make sure you’re ready to commit to the project before diving in….also, make sure the victim isn’t dumb enough to actually try using the toilet after you put it in her office. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had a lot of bosses I wouldn’t trust not to use it.

Turn A Keyboard Into A Planter

Who doesn’t love having some live plants growing at their desk? Oh yeah, someone who has a keyboard full of cress. To try this prank out for yourself, simply remove the keys of a keyboard and place down some cotton. Sprinkle in some cress or grass seeds and water, and then replace the keys. Spray lightly with water a few times a day and in a few weeks you’ll have a healthy baby garden ready to confuse your victim. Just switch out his keyboard when he’s not looking, and you’re done!

Booby Traps!

It might not be the safest or most grown-up prank out there, but let’s face it, turning your co-worker’s desk into a booby trapped mess is certainly one of the most fun pranks out there. If you want to build your own, Instructables user PocketSized has all the guidance you need to create a tripwire-activated booby trap. Of course, you have to be careful as you don’t want to shoot anyone’s eye out with a poorly aimed push pin.

Trolling A Computer

I know I already posted this one, but it’s just such a great prank that I had to include it again here.

Tin Foil

This is the one prank on this list I’ve actually participated in. Back when I worked at a social media start up, we did this to our CEO when he left on his honeymoon. While it didn’t take too long for him to remove the foil, the look on his face was priceless. And for the environmentalists out there, don’t worry, all the foil was recycled afterward.

Alternatively, wrapping paper and newspaper also work well.

Post-It Noting

The best thing about this prank is the vibrant colors decorations you can get with all these Post-Its. And, while your victim will have to remove the ones from the computer monitor, keyboard, and other daily essentials, chances are she will leave up most of the Post-Its until she needs to use them for actual notes. That’s a nice bonus as it means your prank will probably be visible for at least a few weeks more.

Packing Popcorn Bonanza

There are actually two ways to do this prank. The first, seen in the picture above involves simply placing paper along the windows of an office and then filling the gaps with packing peanuts so the whole thing looks like it’s filled up. Instructables user jetgrrl has all the steps you need to make an office look like it’s stuffed to the brim with peanuts.

Alternatively, if you want to annoy a cubicle dweller, simply cover their cubicle doorway with packing tape and then go wild filling their entire cubicle with packing peanuts. The true hilarity ensues when you see them pull the tape away as an avalanche of Styrofoam buries their feet. Of course, if you do this one, don’t be a jerk –help them clean up the mess afterwards.

The Important Package

Here’s another great use for extra packing peanuts. Fill the largest box you can find with peanuts, seal the box and make sure to attach fake mailing slips. Next, email or fax your co-worker to let them know an important package should be arriving for them. When they’re gone to the bathroom or lunch, leave the box at their desk. Watch as they furiously try to discover the important contents of the box that never actually existed. For more detailed instructions, check out this great Instructable by user butterbeans.

Summer Barbecue Cubicle

I don’t know about you guys, but if someone did this to my office, I’d probably just leave it. It has to be way more cozy and relaxing than a boring, regular cubicle. After all, every day at work would feel like a summer day spent relaxing in your backyard…just make sure not to actually use that grill indoors.

The Office Office Pranks

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Of course, if you still need some more inspiration for office pranks, may I recommend The Office.  Between embedding Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O, copying his identity and wrapping Dwight’s entire desk in wrapping paper piece by piece, Jim has some great ideas for harassing your irritating office mates.

The Neatoshop

Over at the Neatoshop, we also have a few great pranks for your co-workers. While the delightful 100 Ways to Get Revenge At Work card set is currently out of stock, the Revenge CD and Ear Plugs set is a great way to harass the employee that always play terrible music everyday.

Have any of you ever done any of these pranks? More importantly, did any of you do any good pranks today? Share your most pranktastic stories in the comments!

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I just wanted to say you can add another level of misery to that computer trolling prank. Just do the desktop icon hide last. Do all the other other tweaks and then take a screen shot of the desktop and set it as the wallpaper and then hide the icons. Not only will everything be reversed etc., but if they do figure that out they won't be able to figure out why they can't open anything. Bonus points if you photoshop out the taskbar so they really can't tell.....
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