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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sorry, kids, you won't get any points for wearing green to school because it's a Saturday. But that just makes the adult parties a little easier to do! Americans like to celebrate everyone's holidays: Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, etc. and there's always talk about cultural appropriation and how we tend to do the food and costumes without understanding their real meaning and the culture the holidays came from. Hey, it's in our nature to try and celebrate the kaleidoscope or the melting pot that the nation is made of. But still, while you are preparing for a green beer bash, you might take some time to read up on St. Patrick and Ireland and how the Irish celebrate their national holiday today. And you can catch up on all the neat stuff you may have missed during the work week here at Neatorama.

Wednesday's date was 3/14, which is significant, so Jill gave us 14 Pi Pies For National Pi Day.

Eddie Deezen wrote about The Day John Lennon Met Paul McCartney.

We learned a bit about building skyscrapers from The Fearless Wonders, from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

The Annals of Improbable Research brought us The Second-Hand Effects of Bitching.

And mental_floss magazine gave us the story of Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

Over at NeatoBambino this week, we had posts on difficult pregnancy, summer fun for kids, a toddler car theft, and a creative video birth announcement. Check them all out!

In this week's What Is It? game, the pictured object is a Pro Pitch Gauge, made by The Classic Company, for measuring the angles in the holes of bowling balls. Steve Pauk had the right answer with the very first comment! However, he did not select a t-shirt. StilesJM wins the prize for the funniest answer: Phrenology gauge used by sororities, applied to the cranial midline of a prospective member to determine how much of a pitch she really is. That wins a t-shirt! See the answers to all this week’s mystery items at the What Is It? blog.

The most commented-on post of the week was The Surface Area of Nothing. Coming in second was The Death of Manners, and Will Eating Red Meat Kill You? is in third place. However, the recent post Millennials: The Most Selfish Generation Ever? will probably end up having a lot more comments before it slips into the archives.

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