Navy Food Posters

Retronaut has a collection of World War II-era Navy posters dedicated to making sure sailors didn't waste food. There's a whole lot of strangeness about this one. Was there really a problem of sailors being finicky eaters? The overall message is the same one I give my kids -always eat what you need, or even eat as much as you want, but wasting food out of gluttony makes me angry. Link

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My Grandpa was in the Navy in WWII, he ended up losing 70lbs because he couldn't stomach the horrible food on the ship... So maybe there is something to the poster......
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Despite the poster's premise, many recruits and draftees came from farms and had a hard time adjusting to old bread, canned vegetables, dehydrated eggs, preserved meats and powdered milk!

The demographics of this country have shifted dramatically since WWII in favor of urban and suburban life, but back then most of the population was rural and most farms were family farms.

People ate what they raised and were used to farm fresh eggs, milk, meat, fruit and vegetables -- the preserved stuff tasted horrible to them (for good reason).
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Worth noting: the "You're right, sir! The men do seem a little reluctant to throw food away" poster on Retronaut is by Hank Ketcham, better known as the cartoonist who created "Dennis the Menace."
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