Getting To Know The Actors Who Played The Doctor

You might know all about the show, but what do you know of the men who played the Doctor? If you want to increase your knowledge of the subject, then don't miss this great Mental Floss article filled with fascinating trivia on the actors and the show. Personally, I didn't know the story of how Tom Baker's scarf was born:
The Fourth Doctor is particularly famous for his ridiculously long scarf, which resulted from a miscommunication between costume designer James Acheson and the knitter hired to produce it; Acheson never specified a length, and bought far too much yarn, so the knitter just kept going until it was all used up.
Any of you Whovians learn something new from the article?

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I used to have a similar scarf and of course called it my Doctor Who scarf. I think my wife gave it away when we moved to Florida. I could have used it this morning.
Tom Baker's role will always be identified by the scarf.
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There are actually several different reasons given for the length of Tom Baker's scarf. I've heard Tom himself tell two conflicting stories and several other members of the crew tell other different versions.
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I have to take issue with the assertion that Tennant started breaking into TV in the 2000's. The first thing I recall seeing with Tennant in a prominent role was in the brilliant Takin Over The Asylum where he comfortably acted Ken Stott off the screen. This was in 1994.
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