Collapsing Cooling Towers

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What could be cooler than a compilation of nuclear cooling towers undergoing demolition? Those towers imploding with surprised faces drawn on them! It's an ad from Ecotricity, a wind-power advocacy group. -via Geekosystem

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If they think wind power is the answer, they need sectioning. I realise that there is a lot of hype in the wind turbine business, but to suggest that 3 turbines can replace a four-tower power plant is dishonest at best, even accounting for "poetic license". 1000 wind turbines working at full capacity are needed to produce the equivalent power of just 1 modern nuclear power plant. When there is little or no wind, which is most of the time, turbines are useless. They work at full capacity less than 5% of the time. In fact they drain electricity from the grid in long periods of no wind as they have to keep turning or the blades are prone to deforming. When we realise that nuclear power is the only option, these money wasting wind turbine monstrosities need to be consigned to the scrap heap.
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I don't know what this commercial is going for... I mean, I do, but it was put forth very poorly. I felt bad for those poor nuclear and coal towers... And why didn't the windmills have faces? It would have had a more reincarnation vibe rather than robot windmills taking over the previously happy City of NuclearCoalville by force if the windmills came up with a happy face.
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Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought this advert was sad. Maybe if they gave the towers mean faces and the windmills nice ones.

Otherwise it as like the nice towers were being executed D:
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Seems counterproductive to me, too. The cooling towers seem friendly and innocent, just enjoying a cup of tea, but they kill them and replace them with faceless wind towers and their spinning blades of death.
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