Change Your Name to Get a Promotion

Psst! Want a promotion? The secret to getting promoted at work is quite simple. Change your name into something simple:

Parents wanting to give their children a leg up in the workforce can start early by giving them a simple name like Michael, Tom, Jane or Mary, new research suggests.

A study by professors at the University of Melbourne and New York University revealed that people with simple, easy-to-pronounce names were more likely to be favored for a promotion at work.

"The effect is not due merely to the length of a name or how foreign-sounding or unusual it is, but rather how easy it is to pronounce," said Simon Laham, the study's lead author from the University of Melbourne


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To me this is one of those "well, Duh." factoids. This also applies to most things involving people. Anyone who plays MMO's can experience this effect first hand. If you're a good player, and you want to get noticed. Pick a easy name. Keep it short, simple, and non-offensive for best results. Bonus if the name gives people an instant mental image, to remember you by (animal names and colors are awesome examples). If you want most people to ignore you... pick something weird, obscure and hard to pronounce.
Some decent simple examples: Red, Nut,Pink, Fox, Blue, Fern, Mouse.
Some bad examples: Evangelopolopugus, Tanatioustank, Beerandbraunschweiger, etc.
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In other words....sound like you're white. Those of us with "oddball terrorist names" already know this, we just don't sell out at the drop of a hat. Some cultures still value integrity.
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I think this was supposed to be one of those 'humans are afraid of the unknown/strange' psychology studies. Certainly you could chalk it up to the diabolical works of whitey. Personally I believe it is because people are terrified of extraterrestrials. They tend to have really bizarre names. I would just pass over a resume if I saw the name Hermiod on it. I might be helping aliens take over the planet or something. I might be a little paranoid but we all have our little foibles.
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