One Of The Hardest NES Games Ever Translated To English

Have you ever heard of a game called Takeshi's Challenge? Probably not, since this game from 1986 has only been available for the Famicon (Japan's NES), and all the in-game text is in Japanese, up until now.

Dedicated retro game enthusiast and ROM modder King Mike has finally cracked this bad boy wide open, translating the text to English and making the game available as a ROM for NES emulators.

Takeshi's Challenge is famous for featuring some of the most ridiculously hard challenges ever found in a video game, like a boss who is rumored to take over 20,000 hits to defeat, and is thought to be creator Takeshi Kitano's prank against gamers.

So, if you like your video games to be impossibly challenging, and you enjoy chucking game controllers against the wall in frustration, then Takeshi's Challenge is the game for you! Personally, I no longer have any controllers to spare, so I think I'll watch somebody else play this one.

Link --via Joystiq

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"One Of The Hardest NES Games Ever Translated To English"

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