Photo Series Featuring Gamers And Their In-Game Avatars

Have you ever wondered what people would look like if they could create their own ideal physical form, or what the heroes in their imagination look like as opposed to their everyday appearance? Well, this series by Robbie Cooper, entitled Alter Ego, explores the dynamics between the fantasy and real life forms of avid gamers.

This series made me think "when I create an avatar, what physical traits do I normally care about, and why?" What about you, do your custom made characters resemble the way you actually look, or an idealized form? --via Flavorwire

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This stuff is from a book that was published in 2007. He started the project in 2003. Seems unlikely that he ripped off Kristine's work, unless he had a time machine...
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I don't think I would call it a "ripoff" of Kristine's work, more like a variation on the same theme. Besides, it looks like Kristine's work focuses on herself, and the whole point of the Alter Ego series is a bunch of different people and their avatars.
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You have to click "Simulations" then "Alter Ego".

I was surprised that some of the avatars were close to the actual people. But which came first? Did they design their avatars to look like themselves, or have they changed themselves to look like their avatars?
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