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Today is a busy day -especially if you have a lot of clocks to set! Daylight Saving Time ends for most of the U.S. at 2AM Sunday morning. Remember, spring forward, fall back, so set your clocks back before you got to bed tonight. And enjoy the extra hour of sleep! If you work overnight, be sure there is a procedure to make sure you are paid for the extra hour. Learn more about the time change in the post Neatolicious Fun Facts: Daylight Saving Time. The 5th of November is also Guy Fawkes Night, celebrated in England something like this. And because it's the fifth of November, today is Bank Transfer Day, which unfortunately falls on a Saturday when your bank may not be open, or might only be open until noon. At any rate, after you've gotten the clocks set, check out the exclusive features you might have missed this week here at Neatorama.

Monday was the predicted date for the population of the earth to pass seven billion people. To mark the occasion, we posted a photo gallery from National Geographic called 7 Billion at the Spotlight Blog.

Eddie Deezen brought us the story of The Guy Who Died on a TV Talk Show.

Our final Halloween feature this year was The Wolfman at the Movies from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

We got a good look at the new book from the folks at Cake Wrecks in the photo post Wreck the Halls: Cake Wrecks Gets "Festive."

The Annals of Improbable Research gave us Mathematicians on Ham Sandwiches.

How to Sneak a Cobra Past Customs was from mental_floss magazine.

Adrienne's debatable points posts were about a fat tax on junk food and whether places can contain emotional residue.

Another project we've got going is the NeatoShop Contest: Create a Neatorama Bingo Card! The t-shirt winners drawn from the comments are kkirkpat and Jefferson. Congratulations to both! The Neatorama Bingo Card is coming soon.

In this week's What is It? game, no one knew what the mystery item was (although quite a few came somewhat close). It’s a saw oiler. Pulling the trigger released some oil to lubricate the saw. You can see the patent application sketch at the What Is It? blog. The funniest answer submitted was one of those close-but-no-cigar answers, from Randall.
It is a saw handle, useful for handling saws. Before its invention, using saws was very dangerous to the fingers, so people used trained beavers. This little invention put hundreds of beaver trainers out of work, and they congregated in Wisconson, drinking from dusk to midnight, then going out on ‘Beaver-runs,’ causing untold destruction. Finally, the Wisconson National Guard was called out and the hooliganism ended. Wisconsin is now known for its calmness and cheese.

So Randall wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop!

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