Zombie Pandemic Comic from the CDC

A while back, John told us of the official US government's advice on surviving the zombie apocalypse by the Centers for Disease Control. Now, the CDC is back, this time with this: Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic.

A few select images after the jump (you can view the entire comic [PDF] from the CDC's website):

How will it end? Check out the CDC comic in its entirety here: http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/documents/11_225700_A_Zombie_Final.pdf

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What they are not telling you is that we are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and we are the zombies. Zombies who refuse to accept that they are really zombies. Our fascination with zombies arises from our projecting our essential nature as zombies onto an external enemy.

All one has to do is produce a LOLCat or Zombify something and boom, we are all jumping on the bandwagon like a pack of lemmings (or zombies, sheep, etc..).

But this "Zombie" craze will fade, as predictably as every other fad, and people will form a new group identity around some other triviality and the whole process will continue. Such predictability of behavior is only really becoming of a Zombie!
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Kudos to CDC for tuning into public interest for public safety.

I recently developed an interactive zombie survivability by state map at http://www.uptimedatabase.com/mapZombies.cshtml and it was immediately reviewed by all kinds of government agencies.

A summary of the story is here...
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Once again, the CDC makes no mention of the necessity of owning a gun and being practiced in its use. Why? WHY?! That's the most fundamental point of zombie attack preparedness.

Well, we know the answer: they'd rather we become pliable sheeple who are dependent upon them for our survival. But even their own comic indicates that the National Guard can't be relied upon to protect us.

When the dead rise, you're on your own. Be ready.
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