The Five Most Annoying Sections of Video Games

If you play a lot of different video games (and I know a lot of you do), you may have noticed a trend of frustrating sequences in many of them.
Who here loves escort missions? Raise your hand.

And naturally I’m staring at an empty room. Despite escort missions being universally despised, there is a propensity for games to keep doing them over and over regardless. There would be no inherent problem with this, but AI programming is still such where more often than not, you fail the mission not because you’re doing something wrong in the protection department, but that your protectee is doing something idiotic like wandering through the open street during an automatic weapons fight instead of, I don’t know, laying down under a car.

And that's just the beginning. You are not alone, and you might want to get together with the gamers at Unreality magazine and see what you can do about future game design. Link

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I never really used to find escort missions annoying... until two days ago.

Enter "Dead Island".

People who go sprinting ahead of you, and then stand still the moment you pass them.
Ooh, and other people who feel the need to jump down a ledge into a horde of burning zombies!

They keep killing themselves, and I just want to kill them for it. Does that sound strange?
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I agree with you Geek Girl. I HATE escort missions. Right about wanting to kill your charge(s.) In fact I've saved and killed them just to vent my frustrations before. Why do the damn NPCs have to walk soooooooooo sloooooooowwwly? Usually, I end up screaming run damnit! They always take you through the worst areas of the game too! Instead of taking the quick and easy way with no monsters, bad guys, etc. they have to go through the worst infested sections.
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I really enjoy games having grown up with Space Invaders and the like, but I'd like to see game developers put more cheats in simply so I can finish the story. All I want to do is play through the game: I'm not some 13 year old with unlimited time to master the controls to get through the one section that's holding me up.

I hear William Devane from Bad News Bears in Breaking Training saying, "Let them play. Let them play."
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