Puppet Puppy

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If you didn't see the strings, you'd just think this was a skinny dog. This talented puppeteer was spotted on the streets of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bonus: "Stormy Weather." -via Arbroath

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No, it's not a suspension of disbelief - not quite. Fun video, though.

It took the girl a minute to get into it - she didn't get the puppeteer at first, but then started to enjoy the situation.
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Just don't bother Vonskippy, if you're not agreeing with the original poster then you're an online troll, it's just part of the whole "speaking your mind" vs "not being able to understand that people have different views" double standard that the internet runs on I'm afraid. Miss C is no stranger to that.
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Yes, how awful that people actually have individual and unique thoughts and opinions and take the time to post them in the comments.

I can see how that justifies labeling them "trolls".

Wouldn't the world be oh so great if only sycophants took the time to comment(oh wait, that's already being done over at Boingboing)?
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I have to admit that there is an upside to having trolls jump into our comments so fast. After they rain on my parade, other folks who would normally just smile and go on are more likely to come in and say they enjoyed the post.

I appreciate that.
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