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Every once in a while, to avoid doing something productive, I go snooping around Neatorama's statistics and analytics. I'm no expert on such things, but there's some interesting tidbits buried in the numbers. For instance, some of the search terms people use and find themselves at Neatorama are things we posted months or even years ago, like "bbq grill" or "pikachu cat" or "snorlax beanbag chair." That kind of thing makes me feel a certain responsibility to make each post as good as it can be. You never know what might end up being important to someone someday!  Let's take a look at our exclusive features from this past week, just in case you may have missed something that ends up being important.

For National Comic Book Day last weekend, Jill Harness explained The History Behind Comic Books and Comic Book Censorship.

She also gave us The Origins of 7 Common Superstitions.

Eddie Deezen wrote about 12 Books That Have (Ironically) Been Banned in the U.S. for Banned Books Week.

Neatorama's Spotlight blog featured a fantastic photo collection called Lives Within a Drop of Water. It's a sneak peek at some of the awesome images from Nikon's Small World microphotography competition. We'll have more next week, too!

If you missed it, you need to read A Day in Palindromia. This silly story from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader contains 52 different palindromes.

The burning question is How Many Beans Make Soup? Improbable Research crunches the numbers.

Speaking of soup, mental_floss magazine brought us How Cooked Food Made Us Human. I don't know about you, but I always feel more human after a well-cooked meal.

We have a Tokyo Flash Treasure Hunt going on. Put the clues together to win a watch from Tokyo Flash and some neat stuff from the NeatoShop!

The What Is It? game ran extra long this week. Update: The What Is It? blog tells us the mystery objects are mortsafes, used in the 1800s to protect the dead from graverobbers who would sell them to medical schools, although according to urban legends they were designed to keep vampires and zombies from escaping their graves. Congratulations to Alan Ball, who was the first of several with the correct answer. However, he did not select a t-shirt. The funniest answer this week comes from theonewhoistheone13, who said, "Well we have to put those evil garden gnomes somewhere now don't we?" For that, she wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop!

Over at our Facebook page, you can catch extra content you won't find at Neatorama, like this picture that I couldn't resist snagging and sharing. Join the Facebook community of Neatoramanauts, and follow us on Twitter as well!

And there's a ton of new Halloween costumes, supplies, and party items at the NeatoShop that I bet you haven't even seen! Check them all out and then order something that will surely impress your friends and neighbors for Halloween.

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