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Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, so we are now officially into fall. In the US, we will continue Daylight Saving Time until November 6th, so we'll be sending kids off to school in the dark for a while (sigh). The leaves are starting to turn in Canada already, and the fabulous color will work its way south for the next couple of months. And Neatorama will gear up for the Halloween season! Next month, you'll see special features on haunted history, costumes, and scary pop culture for your enjoyment.

If one of your favorite Disneyland rides from your childhood is no longer there, find out why in Jill Harness' latest info-heavy post Neatorama Facts: Closed Disney Rides.

The New York Times Just Turned 160, so Jill gave us a rundown on how the newspaper has evolved over time.

For Talk like a Pirate Day on Monday, we had Myth-Adventure: The True Story of Captain Kidd from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

The Annals of Improbable Research speculated on Constellation Reformation.

Mental_floss magazine went nuts on us Friday with Nuts & Bolts: The Skinny on Your Favorite Cocktail Treats.

One of the biggest posts of the week was a video at NeatoBambino about a little girl who sees herself for the first time after her cleft palate was repaired. It's quite touching, but there's lots more to see at NeatoBambino if you aren't already checking it out every day.

In this week's What Is It? game, the mystery object is a corn sheller. There’s more information about it at the What Is It? Blog. Berhard was the first in with the correct answer. The funniest answer came from sandyra, who said:
It’s an Amish ‘electric’ razor for taking off the moustaches on the men (and some women, if you know what I mean). Since the Amish don’t use ‘electricity’ they get it to rotate by hooking it up to a giant waterwheel.*note: The older versions tended to rip off the upper lip. This ‘newer’ model has a wood safety bar to prevent such mishaps.”

Both win t-shirts from the NeatoShop!

In the crystal ball, I see new posts coming your way on comic books, palindromes, microphotography, and Muppets.

After you catch up on everything that's happened this week, you may want to browse through The Best of Neatorama, where we have all our great feature articles listed -you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook as well!

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The bus pickup in my neighborhood is 6:50AM, and there's a bit of light by then, but within a few weeks it will be dark at that time.

But my kids would never rise early enough to catch the bus anyway.
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"we’ll be sending kids off to school in the dark for a while (sigh)"

That's odd. Where I live, the earliest school bus pickup is 7:30. The sun's been up for half an hour.
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