Han Solo's Soldering Iron

In 1983, when he as fifteen years old, Craig Smith broke his father's soldering iron. He fixed it (above) using parts of a toy made to resemble Han Solo's blaster (below). It still works! And, of course, it has a scope. You need a scope if you're soldering from a great distance.

Link | Photos: Craig Smith, Wookieepedia

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I would imagine that Ben thinks women have no need for firearms to defend from things like rape. I mean they should just let random men have their way with them since only their "Pride" would be hurt. Oh and stun guns have batteries that never die, and pepper spray always effects everyone the same, and rapists always leave their victims alive...
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#1, that is completely awesome. Nice tip to Star Wars.

#2, Ben you are completely out of touch with reality. I guess the IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, 4H and The Olympics need to shutter their doors since Ben said shooting isn't a sport. Since Ben obviously has no idea what shooting is or the incredible amount of focus and concentration it takes to perform at a certain level. Also, please let the bad guy just shoot me because heaven forbid I be judge, jury and executioner to someone that is standing in front of me saying they are going to kill me for my property. I guess I will tell him to please wait while I call the police so they can get all of that rolling. I mean, I surely don't want to pass judgement on someone that broke into my home in the middle of the night. He is probably there to collect some change for UNICEF. I'll remember that next time. No one needs to hunt for food? You're again out of touch with reality. I know many people that are able to make ends meet because either they or their friends can provide enough meat for the year in one hunting season. Ever hear of Hunters for the Hungry? No? Probably because you (again) have no idea what you're talking about. Also, let's touch on the "letting nature take its course" path you people like to go down. Try watching an animal starve to death. That's a really terrible thing, but most people with a brain know it's just natural. So, hunting is just so much more horrible that starving to death. Do some research before you make a post. Try and make things a little more difficult for me next time. These were softballs.
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Oh and by the way (The real reason why I came here before benny boy got me going)... really cool looking soldering iron. I would like to make a updated version that could be variable temp to work on SMD components
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@Ben, Millions of People were killing each other way before guns were invented. Guns are just another tool to get the job done. It's just the easiest method. And if it's a free country then why do you care about it. (In the US) It's in the Constitution, If you don't like guns then don't buy one. Don't press your views onto others because your "Feelings" are hurt and it's your personal belief that guns are the cause of murders. Guns are not the problem, it's the person squeezing the trigger. If guns were out of the picture then the person would have used a knife, crossbow, any pointy object, poison, their bare hands, rope, plastic bags, catapult, explosives, poison (not the band), glass or anything that can be fashioned to be a weapon.

But no matter what is said you will still have your views and continue to press them onto others that don't want to hear it. You are what is wrong with America.

I am for gun control but I know firearms have their place (I assume you live in a urban area). I can tell you are un-ware of firearms because your lack of knowledge.

I'll wait for your response to tell me how wrong I am.
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